Fire and Allied Perils

Our Standard Fire Policy covers Loss or damage to your property caused by Fire, Lightning and Explosion (of gas or boiler used for domestic purposes).

The policy can be extended to cover the following extraneous perils:
Earthquake, Windstorm, Flood, Explosion, Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion, Bursting or overflowing of water tanks pressured equipment or pipes, Malicious Damage. Impact by road vehicles and animals, Aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped there from

The policy may be issued to cover: Buildings, Furniture, fixtures and fittings, Plant, Machinery and Equipment, Office Equipment, Stock-in-trade from raw materials to finished products.

In addition, the following expenses which may be incurred following the occurrence of an insured peril can also be insured: Cost of Removal of debris, Architects, Surveyors and Consultant Engineers' Fees.

Assets All Risk Policy

This is a special policy designed usually for both corporate and individual clients who want a complete insurance package to cover a wide range of risks. This policy will cover accidental loss of or damage to client's property or assets arising from a very broad spectrum of causes. The cover is restricted only by the specific exclusions written in the policy.

It can be designed to include fire, lightning, flood, theft, malicious damage, earthquake, riots and strikes, burst pipe, impact, Burglary and many others.

Consequential Loss or Business Interruption Insurance

This policy is designed to cover during the period of interruption:

  1. Net Profit lost in consequence of the interruption of your business
  2. Standing charges (such as rent, taxes and interest on loans) which continue to be payable by your business to the extent they are no longer earned by the residual trading.
  3. Wages of employees not gainfully employed but need to be retained during the interruption period.
  4. Increase in the cost of working necessarily incurred to overcome or to minimise the effects of damage upon the business such as renting of temporary premises, hiring of machinery or extra labour costs.

The material damage policy covers only the physical loss or damage to the property insured but does not cover loss of profit arising from such physical damage. As a result of the loss or damage to the physical assets, the Insured is unable to carry out its planned level of business, thus leading to a fall in gross profits.

Where your business is dependent partly upon the continued existence of the premises of suppliers, customers or other persons or bodies from whom you receive services or facilities, the policy can be extended to cover loss resulting from damage by insured risk at such other premises.

Compulsory fire

This is a package policy specifically designed for your home and or business premises. It covers your building and its contents against the risks of Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Riot and Strike, Civil Commotion and Tornado or Windstorm, Flood, Malicious Acts, Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, damage caused by aircraft and collapse.

This policy also has Public Liability insurance element which is designed to cover all sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay as compensation for accidental bodily injury and/or damage to property of any third party arising out of and in connection with the Insured's business. In addition, all costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant against the Insured or incurred with our written consent are covered.